About Me

I'm experienced in both the research and design fields of user experience. My focus is primarily on research because it forms the what, when, how, why and where of all design and product decisions. 

My strengths are in observing human behavior, understanding problems and gaps in knowledge, developing the right questions, and aligning team members. 

Prototypes, wireframes, and visual design in the whole range of applications (iOS, Android, B2B, B2C) all are growths sprouted from the research root. 

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  • Pioneered low-budget research and usability plan for Lifion Application
  • Pioneered large, formal usability study at the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Performed research and analysis for all client engagements at 3PG 
  • Developed short-term research plan for Lifion Platform
  • Built close-knit relationships with product managers, developers, UXers, leaders, and office staff 


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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office - PE2E

A smooth USPTO examination process was obstructed by disconnected databases, applications, and interfaces. Examiners were using considerable amounts of their precious time wrangling information from disparate sources---leading to confusion, mistakes, and a massive backlog. 

Patents End 2 End (PE2E) was a system whose aim was to bring all the distant arms of data into one central application. I was hired to create and execute a usability testing regiment that would measure the progress of how the system performed for participants. We held bi-monthly testings that investigated how examiners behaved when they used the developing system. These testings required planning the test, forming the questions/tasks, executing the interviews, and delivering recommendations to senior leadership on the project. 

I also worked with USPTO product management on features, use cases, and wireframes. 


Lifion by ADP Innovation Lab

Lifion by ADP was founded as a new approach towards HR software solutions. ADP is hampered by legacy systems that cost an exorbitant amount of resources to support, maintain, and grow.

I joined Lifion for the opportunity to experiment and work with different user experience methods. I introduced a regiment of low-budget usability and user research activities that were easily replicated by other teams. These activities were then rolled into the design process for the wide range of human resources related software applications. From I-9 verification to company asset management, I worked with developers and product owners on defining problems and features. 



Q is a healthcare product that provides a platform for contract negotiation. I, as part of the product team, worked with Q's executive leadership on defining their strategy and further refined the initial vision for the software through a lean, minimum viable product (MVP) approach. Based on those conversations, and working hand-in-hand with their executive stakeholder, I began a process of building a paper prototype, building a digital prototype and executing a remote test with potential users. This process then informed the continued improvement of the design of the product as well as the visual interface.



G wanted to implement a visual redesign of their iPad application. As part of the product team, our initial engagement involved assessing the design assets from a third party and generating experience improvements based stakeholder information and best practices. After our recommedations were complete, I worked collaboratively with a senior iOS developer to implement the application—including preparing assets for development as well as delivering continued experience improvements. I was involved with growing the engagement by providing additional UX services to the client. Those services included heuristic evaluation, stakeholder interviews and user research on their suite of web and mobile products.



Personal is a small data security application that allows users to store and share confidential information. We worked with their project manager on improving the experience of their Android and iOS mobile applications, which mostly involved iterative improvement of the interaction design and the interface. In addition, I was responsible for redesigning the app to fall in line with Android's Holo design framework and was also able to persuade Personal to launch and adopt a mobile usability testing plan.