Helping brands humanize connections with their customers—Research, UX Design

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Improving the patent examination experience—Research

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Building applications for the HCM industry—UX Design

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Engaging readers on social media platforms—Research

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Facilitating the pharmaceutical negotiation process—Research, UX Design

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Sharing sensitive information on a highly secure platform—Research

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Courtesy of  Alexei Zagdansky

Courtesy of Alexei Zagdansky


My professional experience involves closing the gap between people and software. Typically, the problems that come up with products are due to gaps between real-world work habits and software limitations. In order to bridge those gaps, companies must understand their users' worlds and continually measure the success of their solutions. Further thoughts and writings on my log.


  • Introduced user research practices into Braze’s product development processes

  • Pioneered large, formal usability study program at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

  • Performed research, analysis, and/or product delivery for GEICO, IHG Hotels, PBS, Workbench.

  • Built close-knit, long-term relationships with product managers, developers, UXers, leaders, and office staff