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Institute a research and design process at a rapidly growing company


  • Gather an understanding of the pre-UXR process to get a product released—from conception to launch

  • Slowly introduce UX research best practices into projects—building buy-in from various stakeholders

  • Perform usability tests on freshly released products to demonstrate the value of easing user friction

  • Propose, launch, and document research operations to improve value of UXR


  • Centralized UXR database: all interviews and artifacts documented into a company-wide accessible database

  • Automated, continuous collection of perceived usability scores (System Usability Scale)

  • Highly influenced PMs, designers, and other stakeholders on the importance of UXR

  • Release of demonstrably valuable, usable products that were born from user interviews and prototype testing:

    • In-App Message updates

    • Currents data streaming

    • Modular Content Blocks

    • And others that are not yet publicly available