Lifion by ADP Innovation Lab

What was the business problem?

Clients have difficult time implementing ADP software and have been unable to more quickly address their needs by building applications on top of the data. 

What was the business objective?

Build a platform that leverages ADP's data with small, fast applications that can be self-serviced

How did you ensure that it was met? 

I worked with product management and development on test applications that took advantage of the platform's emerging capabilities. 

At what points in the process did you involve users? 

For every application I first began by interviewing the product manager to more clearly understand his perspective on the product and the reasoning behind the requirements, next I researched competitors, common work flows and tasks, and read specific industry publications that gave me a high level understanding of the landscape for our product and users. Next, I would conduct interviews with people who would typically use a particular type of application. Predominantly, because of the non-existent research budget, I held this interviews with internal employees of Lifion or ADP. 

After gathering this information, I worked on designing flows and layouts that balanced the requirements of the product manager with the most important needs of our end users. For example, I created an asset management application that addressed all of the most pertinent needs of our target users: building and maintaining an inventory, assigning company assets, and the return process.