Values & Capitalism


Values and Capitalism was disappointed about how little their articles were shared across social media channels. Their analytics indicated that although they were having high traffic, the sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media was low.


Provide Values and Capitalism with actionable data that would facilitate increasing shares across social media platforms.


The deliverables:

  • Internal Interviews

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Usability Test Plan

  • Recruitment of users

  • Testing script and tasks

  • Executing remote test

  • Report on testing

  • Wireframes and recommendations for fixes

  • Setup of google analytics report for long-term measurement


At first I held internal interviews with their stakeholders to learn more about why sharing was important to them and how it could affect their business.

Next, I evaluated their website, investigating what could be causing the low share numbers. I then conducted usability tests in order to understand how closely the evaluation was to real-world obstacles and find the occurrence rate of those problems.

The tests then informed insights and subsequent sketches that I delivered to their internal team. Finally, I set up regularly occurring Google Analytics reports for V&C to measure the long-term effects of the changes.